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Here new edicts, laws and announcements from Darth Horuset and their council will be placed. As well as updates on the House at a galactic level.
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By [Lord] Yutal a Nov 1, 17
The House Horuset archives and library texts
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By [Acolyte] Sovernus Nova Wed at 08:27 pm
Space for organising Operations and receiving reports on them.
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By [Apprentice] Vaenra Nov 10, 17
A depository of all medical reports and information pertinent to the physical and mental health of those inside the Houses.
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By [Acolyte] Khírus Feb 7, 18
Where rumours swell, rise and die.
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Here our OOC rules reside, as well as are IC expectations.
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By [Lord] Yutal a Jan 3, 17
A collection of stories and backstories as written by our members.
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By [Neophyte] Khatatas Ronith Sun at 02:44 pm
Here is where a character's ability sheet can be posted for view of members and masters.
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By [Apprentice] Vaenra 9 hours ago
A place for OOC talk, blogs and artworks.
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By [Lord] Yutal a Sep 3, 17
A place to post threads of all different media and content related to Star Wars that others might find intriguing or useful.
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Let us know what you think about our cool new website!
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By Doctor Sevater Strum Apr 18, 17
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