“The Horuset tradition has always been. Since the beginning of our time, they have -always- been. Through the glory days of our first Empire, to ruling hundreds of star systems. Even in the scourge of the Jedi on their sacred home-world. They have always been. Thousands of years have passed since the very first breath of life was given into the traditionalist house of Horuset. Though, through troubling times it has become stagnant. Until of-course, Lord Saud.”


“Lord Saud, the daughter to the infamous Darth Crannus Horuset, the son of Darth Chaidus Horuset. A legacy well remembered. Even to this day. There was a proposal, a ‘reformation’ into it’s former glory. Darth Crannus Horuset tirelessly adapted into his rightful role of ruler of the Horuset banner. In mass, bringing forth potential candidates to reform the glory of the pure race of the Sith. The likes of House Vipion were also introduced into the fold. Even now they rise into further glory, enacting the very tradition of which was always meant to be, and has always been. The true Sith of our generation.”


“Even though the Horuset banner thrives in it’s glory, there is always more to do. House Horuset looks even now for potential followers of the old ways to take part in this reformation of our sacred traditions. Through the efforts of all whom have tasted the very presence of the Dark Lord, we hope to thrive. We aim to break the chains of mortal men, to bring forth glory and fame beyond the fabric of our existence. To appease the Lord Typhojem, to fight and die for them. This is what House Horuset is. A signal to all whom basks in our sacred traditions, a beacon of glory!”


“Even though I am an Echani… A Lorekeeper at that. I have seen the ways of these traditionalists. They have the very ideas of which I also share. They bring a sense of enlightenment into my fold. For I will too bask in the glory of the old ways. For who would not if given the chance? Through my most humble gaze, I see a potential future. A potential for the Sith and it’s Empire. Tradition is where it lies. We must refer to our former glory to better ourselves. I am a firm believer in Darth Crannus Horuset.”

- From the Lorekeeper, Jadie Priaa

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