“With the heretics annihilated and the Zakuul war coming to a close, the Empire returned into a state of silence. However, resources were spent in dealing with the Arcann and Vaylin, the Empire now became desperate to seize every last valuable resource they could get within the borders of our galaxy. This task was not easy, and the war was hard for everyone within the Empire. Dromund Kaas was the first to be rebuilt on the order of Empress Acina. Order  also returned to the House Horuset as a whole, and many events had transpired.”


“The power of both Vipions and the Horusets were coming together officially for the first time in an age. Ahandra Horuset, Lord Saud and her soon to be husband Yutal Vipion, Lord Tokiai were eventually wed together on the grounds of Korriban, with numerous attendees on display. The ritual was one of a kind, a kind that every Sith dreams to observe - The ritual of the Purest of Sith bloods. There I felt a sense of power merging together in physical form, there I felt more Sith than I had felt for many years. It was an absolute pleasure on my behalf to witness such a performance. Many gifts were presented and many knew fully well the extent of what this marriage could mean for our future generations, many chose to deny it - Many chose not to say it, but we all knew it was true.”

“The House itself became itself entirely, and a moment of breathing was apparent as we awaited patiently. Though, as we awaited many tensions grew - Yet, no-one is stupid enough to act upon their ambitions or aspirations. Instead, we all simply waited and waited and waited. Though due to an unexpected cause, the Dark Lord had silenced himself and ventured into unknown regions of the galaxy. Henceforth, the mantle was then placed on the leading heads of the Houses. Lord Tokiai, Lord Saud and Lord Korriz took it upon themselves given the Dark Lord’s blessing to rule over the house in his stead. An exceptional step for the newly wedded power-couple to display their leadership and utmost power first hand.”

“An example of this was the apparent conspiracy and plotting by a certain alien sect within the House itself. However, due to the constant observations and resourcefulness of the newly appointed leaders, the ambitious aliens and their schemes came to a swift and brutal end. One where the aliens of this great purest House will remember for future generations to come.”

“Many puzzles have come together, and many more are on the horizon. The personal eye of myself as Lorekeeper is to ensure that all is recorded within the history books of the Dark Lord - Darth Horuset and his great House as a whole. Allow my words to inspire those of his greatness, and bring fear to those whom wish to openly oppose his will. For, like all whom are loyal and fortunate to be humbled by his excellence, such as myself, will not hesitate to break you down.”

- From the Lorekeeper, Jadie Priaa

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