“There is but one true rule of the Sith, that the strong shall always rule over the weak. Thus, even in times of contention where the Galaxy finds itself at a point of political stalling, the Old Ways still live on as a crimson burning beacon of the Dark Side, everlasting through the devoted followers which uphold them valiantly. Many have tried, through various ways to test this, such as the attacks to our holdings or to our ships done by pirate scum after our forces have left Ilum, and others which have followed.”


“A task had fallen upon Horuset forces, that of clearing up a space station which was blocking one of the Shiera Mining Corp sites, thus hampering production and causing delays. Sith and Imperial forces were sent there to deal with this situation, in which I had personally took part in. The situation was dealt swiftly however, deep within the confines of the space station a handful of Jedi were present. They tried kidnap loyal imperial citizens, stationed aboard that very station, and unfortunately for them it was a station under the protection of the Horuset Powerbase. It goes without saying that their presence there breached any treaty and thus, they were dealt with accordingly, and captured for further inquiries.”


“After several efficient sessions of inquiring, it was uncovered that the Jedi which were captured were part of a splinter group which named themselves ‘The Green Jedi’, making up an offshoot branch of the Jedi Order stationed on Corellia, and those which were captured were but a mere small part of them, as others were scattered in various corners of the Galaxy. But none get to pose a threat to us and live to tell the tale for too long. Thus, their group was targeted by our full might.”


“Over the course of several weeks there were a numbers of operations which we had undergone, systematically hunting down and taking out the remnants of this splinter group. At times, they were embedded within backwater planets, like the snakes that they are, trying to subvert the local populace to their cause with their false doctrine. Yet even there, they were found and put down, and whether it was a fringe world, the burning hot sands of Tatooine or the lush jungles of Rishi, the living ember of the Old Ways showed to all that none can stand in its path, as the might of its followers will crush them.”

By Tashha Vineac, Apprentice to Lord Tokiai

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