“A Dark Lord of the Sith’s baleful gaze always settles upon their flock, continuously judging the fate of many as one with such immense power should. Yet, when that burning sight is turned away to other matters that transcend a powerbase, the herd must be shepherd by those whose combined strength reins the errants’ buck and bridles the ambitious seeking to take advantage of a power vacuum.”


“As such, during my tenure in House Horuset I have witnessed the many births and deaths of Hands, Councils and Leaderships passed around like the corpse of a traitor among the dogs. Yet they all have paled in comparison to the ruthless efficiency and bureaucracy of the Second Triumvirate. As my master Darth Horuset has now departed on personal matters, he has orchestrated a triad of prominent Pureblood Sith Lords to command his assets; Lord Tokiai, Lord Saud and Lord Kalkoran. They now steer us toward a powerful future in the Dark Lord’s absence.”


“Each Sith Lord represents an integral pillar of what constitutes the Horuset Powerbase:”


“Lord Kalkoran whose logistical and tactical ingenuity has often seen favour with the Dark Lord fronts all Fleet based operations. The Sith Lord, along with myself, came up with the ingenious plan for the Horuset attack on the Temple of Decay which won the Third War on Heresy against the Arious Empire.. Alongside close coordination with Commander Tarrik, he oversees the day-to-day running of the ships under our control as well as the organisation of missions involving them.”


“In stark contrast Lord Tokiai, first-born son of Darth Vipion and blademaster of the powerbase, commands all ground military personnel. Having lead the defence of Yarrick IV during the Third War on Heresy, stopped intel from falling into enemy hands and safeguarding a retreating Horuset force, his qualifications speak for themselves. Training regimes have doubled since taking this position.”


“Finally, Darth Horuset’s child and heir Lord Saud oversees all diplomatic agendas and sorcery based practices. With such techniques at her disposal to turn the hand of any man or woman to do the whims of Darth Horuset, it was only fitting that Lord Saud find her incessant fire be pointed towards our exterior goals. No messenger bending their supplicant knee fails to be met with her scrutiny.”


“Above all else the tenements of Darth Horuset’s design continue to be upheld, and while his Triumvirate hold together the vast vestiges of this power his many eyes will always be watching through lens that transcend all others. His dark stare is eternal and ever vengeful. The Old Ways will always be preserved.”

- Lord Sanguinis, Apprentice to Darth Horuset, Beastmaster of House Horuset and Blademaster of the Kalkoran Powerbase

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