Chapter 10: The Union

By [Lord] Yutal a - Posted Apr 7, 18

“Things have the urge to repeat themselves, over and over…”


“This has both a positive and negative side. For example, it means that one can develop good strategies based on past experiences. It means that the weak, who do not recognise mistakes made in the past, perish and are replaced. It even means that you can buy your favourite cup of tea in all cantina’s across the Empire, because it has been proven many find the taste enjoyable.”


“On the other hand, it means that mistakes are repeated. Over and over again. Another example. The Jedi devote themselves to protecting their little Republic. In doing that, they become a military organisation, thus becoming more of an army than a protective policing force. As a result, they can no longer wrap their head around their unnecessarily complicated philosophy and before long… their order faces a crisis once again.”


“These examples are a given; it is predictable from the very start. But more often, the lines are blurred and results are difficult to predict. It is impossible to see if their impact on the world will be a positive, or a negative one.”


“So too the wedding between Aregra Nyâsh and Lord Trakaton Kalkoran. Both are strong sith in their own right. One is an aspiring alchemist, the other a young Lord on the rise. Aside from various less important traits, they have one thing in common: Both are pure of blood.”


“As a follower of the old ways, and a kissai priestess, I saw it as my duty to ensure their wedding followed tradition to the letter. I offered my help, which was quickly accepted by the bride-to-be. For days we worked on the preparations. The guest list, furniture, slaves to see to the guests every need, and of course the ritual itself. The wedding itself was to be hosted on the capital of our Empire, Dromund Kaas. More specifically, the gardens of Lord Kalkorans estate. I deemed them suitable, and before long we had everything prepared.”


“Many of the most influential and respected Sith came to this auspicious occasion. Absent were the parents of both the bride and the groom. For Lord Kalkoran, the patriarch of his house in his own right, this was no problem. For the young Aregra Nyâsh, a guardian had to be appointed. The task fell to Lord Moric Dar, the right hand of Iradox, the disresputable father of Lord Kalkoran’s bride-to-be.”


“Even so, despite Aregra’s infamous family, she was a proper bride for the apprentice of Darth Horuset. She was well-mannered, pure, full of potential and healthy enough to provide the Kalkoran family with much needed heirs. So, I joined their hands in matrimony.”


“Both Sith stood in the blood pool, fires blazing behind them, and before the eyes of Darth Horuset, their allies and all of the galaxy, they became one. And so, a new chapter started. A bloodline secured, the future of a pure house safeguarded, a duty fulfilled.”

- Lord Saud, heir to the Horuset powerbase, councillor to Darth Horuset and priestess of the arcane arts

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