Chapter 11: The New Council

By [Lord] Yutal a - Posted Apr 10, 18

“With the failure of the Lorekeeper to keep up with the load of work expected of her, it falls to the betters of the Houses to comment and record the work of Traditionalism. Leaving this work in its entirety to other factions would surely see vital information ignored and left out from the archives. This cannot be allowed and so I find myself here writing on recent happenings so that in the future there can be no mistake over what has occurred in these hallowed Houses. I begin with the end of the Second Triumvirate for the Protection of the Sith and, following previous victories, the return of Darth Horuset.”


“Darth Horuset, in his wisdom, had been absent from the Houses for some time; focusing instead on the challenges of the mind and new pathways to the power one can command through greater understanding of the force. With his return there was a period of great confusion, the authority of the Triumvirate was no longer absolute and Darth Horuset was yet to have provided a framework of command. Of course sharks were falling into place as they always do, the smell of blood and opportunity was in the air. Was violence, terror and conquest to be the fate of the Houses?”


“Nay, Darth Horuset at that moment imposed himself upon the Houses and set about a New Order, one comprised of the strength of those who would make it up. In place of the Triumvirate a Council was to be born that represented the needs of the Traditionalist bloc in his name. Headed by myself, Lord Tokiai, I am aided by Lords Saud and Kalkoran as my adjutants on this Council and have been instructed to carry out the word of the Sith in continuum. A huge task to be sure but one that will not be avoided or shirked in favour of an easier time. Power comes from adversity and the Empire is our adversity.”


“With a New Order established Darth Horuset has empowered the Council and taken a step back to better serve the Empire in a more personal capacity. Carrying the authority of the Dark Lord and with a mandate over the logistical machinations we control it is now, in the time of great economical and political strain that the Traditionalists prove their mettle, giving credence to an idea that the right way, is the Old Ways.”

- Lord Tokiai, Head of Darth Horuset's Council, Former Triumvir for the Protection of the Sith and Blademaster of the Houses

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