“The time came to leave Ilum, our task concluded and the memories of the strife that occured on that accursed Jedi planet clear in our minds. We packed up quickly, Sith Cautus confined to the medical bay after his embarrassment. After the House’s belongings and Darth Horuset’s new Adegan crystal shipment had been collected in full, they were loaded onto Th’asidra and we returned to our postings on the ship.”


“Life aboard Th’Asidra seemed peaceful once more, the Acolytes were training and our seniors were either joining us in this or assisting with the running of the Harrower. This sense of security was quickly unveiled as a misconception, as any degree of contentment is for a Sith. The House was disturbed by a number of alarms and quakes passing through the ship, and the acolytes quickly gathered under the command of a selection of Apprentices led primarily by Apprentice Trakaton Kalkoran, as we did in the war against heresy.”


“We were directed towards the Hangar deck in order to stem the tide of intruders that were attempting to board Th’asidra. These borders were, as we know now, the Twisted Moon pirates. Their tactics were not especially elaborate or well implemented, but the sheer volume of their ranks nearly crushed our defence. Needless to say that in the end the Sith and the Dark Side prevailed, striking down the chaff as well as the pair of Cortosis battle suits that emerged after them. The gods only know how expensive these constructs must have been, it cannot have been less than tens of millions of credits.”


“As the smoke cleared and stock was taken of the damages, it became clear how much of blow the House had taken. Much of the Hangar deck had been voided into space, and damaged by the large amount of munitions and explosives used in the conflict. The bridge and command decks had managed to hold, but had lost large numbers of Imperials and Horuset Guard. The crew deck, defended by a collection of Acolytes and training droids alongside the Imperial contingent had seen a large number of its defenders die, including many of the acolytes. Apparently we were ripped out of hyperspace using a gravity well.”


“In spite of the losses taken, the conflict aboard Th’asidra only goes to illustrate the House’s strength. We had repelled those who assaulted our sanctuary, and claimed victory for the Sith and for House Horuset.”

- By Apprentice Occularis, Apprentice to Lord Tokiai

“Ilum has proven to be that of a cold mistress. Her sharp kiss, biting frost, and chill seeps within my bones. But we are ever pushing on. It would seem the acolytes are in love with the place, moving to try and take crystals where they can, little do they know their use will be limited for their future, but, we shall see which of them are smart enough not to put them within a future saber. As for their role. Well. I believe now they will look to keep watch, try and prove themselves for the future, it is clear now the current generation wish to impress. But we shall see which of them prove of use.”


“As for what has taken place so far, scouting has been on the main accord. Locating if any threats were near has proven to be a task with the storms, but when an encampment of what can only be guessed as mercenaries, seemly looking to get rich from the planets crystals, we reduced them to dust within moments. Though, this was not the main events of this location. No far from it, while we remain on this snowy wasteland, I simply enjoy thinking back to the holo broadcast, one which will remain with me until the day I die. Sith Cautus, reduced to a beaten pulp by Apprentice Trakaton and Apprentice Hirak, it is clear the skill performed by the two out matched the sith 10 to 1. And only proves further they will go far. They are examples to be followed. And with this, mistakes are never forgotten, it is a simple matter of saying the House learned that day. That Darth Horuset does not tolerate failure.”

“The remainder of this voyage on Ilum resulted in harvesting of the crystals, watching over convoys. And I believe elements of testing the current generation of acolyte. Though I believe all of them will result in disappointing cannon fodder, some may prosper from these tests. And as such, may become useful to the house. To say the least.”


“But. Now I move onto the main focus. We moved to Ilum to deal with a pest, some vermin, a worm that had burrowed into the flesh of a mighty beast and we searched to stop its actions at the core, when the trade routes of crystals were broken, we moved to Ilum as a flaming fist of tradition. The Empires wrath to the very door of the problem and it has only proven so, every attempt at pushing any of our forces back has been broken, the assault on the outpost proved to not only be a success, but one that drove a deep blade into our foe, though the mishap of many acolytes who have been punished. The attack on the base was a slaughter, the targets of the attack stood no chance against the barrage of not only sith by Horuset forces, murder would not fit the description of what had taken place. For only Dewback to the slaughter would be close. Through the cover of storms the assaults on Ilums surface have taught many lessons and now with every evening past, I believe that Ilum has given each member of this house to think about. The lessons learned have seen grave conscious. Some far worse than others.”

- By Soyut Vipion, Apprentice to Lord Saud

“The shipments of crystals coming from Darth Horuset’s Mining Facility on the surface of Ilum were continually being raided and stolen by the Twisted Moon Pirates. Huge sums of credits simply vanishing away from the Empire and towards the Underworld, the Alliance or even the blasted Republic. With orders from Darth Vowrawn himself, the Horuset Fleet was redirected towards supporting this key aspect of the Sphere and to destroy the attackers.”

“The boarding of Th’Asidra by the rabble and scum was a true mob of incoordination. As the orders were passed down the hierarchy, the mob scrambled to get aboard the ship before it left Sith Space. As Overseers, it fell to myself and Arcukot to intercept all of the contraband we could as both Acolytes and Apprentices tried to smuggle in goods that they could not have. Blasters, Grenades, foreign rations, they were like womp rats scavenging what they could, hiding their contraband in vents and under flooring. All that was captured was taken to the Library under lock and key. To this day, we still have some of that contraband.”

“The days went by without issue. The mob was not fully briefed on why we headed to Ilum, making them all the more on edge as they trained throughout. A Cathar was beaten at my hands as they refused to move aside and soon enough I took it upon myself to teach some of the mob about Ilum itself. Its history as a site of the parasites the Jedi and the battles that we fought amidst snow and ice on its surface and in orbit. Malgus the Betrayer became a known figure in the House for the rest of the expedition as the Acolytes hurled insults at his expense at one another. The halls were soon bathed in Acolyte’s blood.”

“The Acolytes became a focus on the expedition. Even while the Tija became overrun with Gizka. We Overseers were filled with glee at the opportunity we had before us. To send the Acolytes to clear out the hundreds if not thousands of Gizka that had escaped and bred in the Tija’s Cargo Hold. We spent days training them, preparing them for Ilum. I taught them all Force Tapas while Overseer Kirjis taught them Force Augmentation. The day after, we sent them all to the Tija and did not expect any to return.”

“But they did, like rat-roaches they came back. They were told that there was Gizka poison somewhere in the cargo hold and they waded through hundreds of the critters to find it before the entire ship’s systems went down from damage as the Gizka ate entire bulkheads and generators. We hoped for at least the loss of an arm or an eye, believing an Acolyte stupid enough to try and kill each of the Gizka by hand. It is a shame that they returned intact, I would have loved to tell the tale of an Acolyte who was killed by a swarm of Gizka.“

“The Horuset Fleet was quickly restored to working order, the Tija repaired and its systems rerouted around the more damaged areas of the ship. The last part of the journey to Ilum went quickly. I still remember the ice.”

- From Overseer Valkon

“With the heretics annihilated and the Zakuul war coming to a close, the Empire returned into a state of silence. However, resources were spent in dealing with the Arcann and Vaylin, the Empire now became desperate to seize every last valuable resource they could get within the borders of our galaxy. This task was not easy, and the war was hard for everyone within the Empire. Dromund Kaas was the first to be rebuilt on the order of Empress Acina. Order  also returned to the House Horuset as a whole, and many events had transpired.”


“The power of both Vipions and the Horusets were coming together officially for the first time in an age. Ahandra Horuset, Lord Saud and her soon to be husband Yutal Vipion, Lord Tokiai were eventually wed together on the grounds of Korriban, with numerous attendees on display. The ritual was one of a kind, a kind that every Sith dreams to observe - The ritual of the Purest of Sith bloods. There I felt a sense of power merging together in physical form, there I felt more Sith than I had felt for many years. It was an absolute pleasure on my behalf to witness such a performance. Many gifts were presented and many knew fully well the extent of what this marriage could mean for our future generations, many chose to deny it - Many chose not to say it, but we all knew it was true.”

“The House itself became itself entirely, and a moment of breathing was apparent as we awaited patiently. Though, as we awaited many tensions grew - Yet, no-one is stupid enough to act upon their ambitions or aspirations. Instead, we all simply waited and waited and waited. Though due to an unexpected cause, the Dark Lord had silenced himself and ventured into unknown regions of the galaxy. Henceforth, the mantle was then placed on the leading heads of the Houses. Lord Tokiai, Lord Saud and Lord Korriz took it upon themselves given the Dark Lord’s blessing to rule over the house in his stead. An exceptional step for the newly wedded power-couple to display their leadership and utmost power first hand.”

“An example of this was the apparent conspiracy and plotting by a certain alien sect within the House itself. However, due to the constant observations and resourcefulness of the newly appointed leaders, the ambitious aliens and their schemes came to a swift and brutal end. One where the aliens of this great purest House will remember for future generations to come.”

“Many puzzles have come together, and many more are on the horizon. The personal eye of myself as Lorekeeper is to ensure that all is recorded within the history books of the Dark Lord - Darth Horuset and his great House as a whole. Allow my words to inspire those of his greatness, and bring fear to those whom wish to openly oppose his will. For, like all whom are loyal and fortunate to be humbled by his excellence, such as myself, will not hesitate to break you down.”

- From the Lorekeeper, Jadie Priaa

“Tradition always is misinterpreted, especially when it comes to us true Sith. We are on a thin line that borders chaos and the thriving reality of which is the Empire. Though it is in our duty as much as any other order within this vast and great Empire, to seize and destroy any whom openly defy the Empress and her Empire- who it is she whom rules over us all. It is she whom carries the burden of our direction, to guide us onto glory and prosperity within the foundations of this galaxy. Consider our path of redemption and of a proving nature.”


“Heretics… The word rolls off my tongue in such distaste, though with curiosity. I am not one to shy away from understanding others and their rules... Their laws and their ambitions. It is a natural trait. For such heretics to openly defy the Empress must take some real charisma. She does not stand alone against these heretics, and we have a point to prove. House Horuset was always destined to take up the mantle of eradicated these heathens in their entirety, and Darth Crannus Horuset was to lead them. It was always meant to be. Alas, such tales of conflict and triumph are beyond my nature. But I will watch in great comfort as the assets of the Empire are washed over in a war to be remembered. These heretics will awaken in a new world, one where they would watch utter defeat crushing down on them. They will be washed from their impurity, and then... They will die.”


“Though, these were my first thoughts as the war arose from nothing. War is a beautiful thing, if not considered one of my favourite subjects to dwell on. But it was our first and final steps that I will always remember. I was on-board of the ship as we faced off against the enemy forces, at first- I calculated the odds of our survival. But, to no surprise and our own surprise to the enemy, we had the upper hand. Thus, the removal of their leader, ‘Emperor’ Ullhalas, was almost instantly done by the hands of our Dark Lord, Darth Crannus Horuset whom organized this whole idea. Our banner was hung, and the Empire was with knowledge of this success. The war begins.”


“Many excursions were needed to ensure that our progress would go steadily. Numerous Imperial groups followed by a very peculiar Sith Lord were to clear up paths on which we may utilize. Though, the enemy also had such ideas in mind. Horuset allowed themselves to widen into deeper spaces, thus creating a small outpost on the regions of Yarrick IV. A strange idea for myself, but I am sure there were intentions concluding to this fact. But it was our undoing for this case… The heretics struck hard against our outpost, trapping numerous members of the Dark Lord's power base, including the likes of Lord Tokiai. A somewhat swift strike and movement by our enemy, but nothing of flawless proportions.”


“The order was swiftly dispatched to help defend our base and rid us of these heathens, but we were overwhelmed completely by the sheer force provided by the heretics on such an occasion. A lucky strategic ideology by the leading opposition, but again wasted. The defence was swift, but was never going to be successful. In the end, these heretics won a mild victory by number- but suffered dramatically in comparison to our own. The real defeat for House Horuset was the loss in this excursion of Lord Saud, and Lord Tokiai. Unfortunately, when removing the databanks of Yarrick IV, the Lords were swiftly apprehended and captured despite their valiant defense. Such things forced myself back to Dromund Kaas rather than Th’Asidra itself, for the safety of our knowledge of-course.”


“We both had time then to amend the wounds that we suffered, us quicker than the enemy as our losses were swiftly encountered. A brewing tension erupted within our power base as we again relied solely on the Dark Lord for guidance in such a situation. Due to his genius, we obtained both Lord Tokiai and Lord Saud back from the heretics, and our intention began a-new. We were to swiftly dispatch these heathens from a broken power-vacuum whilst it remained in place. There I witnessed more genius from our Dark Lord, as he provided us with a battle tactic to be remembered.”


“The rulers of the heretics were to be caught up in a diplomatic affair with Lord Tokiai, a distraction of-course for the true intention came swiftly afterwards. Darth Horuset organised that in synchronization to this diplomatic affair, that the Sith of our order landed directly at the front door of the heretic base. An orbital bombardment followed and then the swift end of the heretics as they watched their own defeat in a blink of an eye. My prediction was correct, it was always correct. I witnessed the sensational feeling of a heretic's passing in utter defeat, and the Horuset  witnessed the feeling of war coming to an end. An almost flawless victory in the name of Darth Horuset and our Empire.”


“Consider this a message to all other heretics that so wish to openly oppose our Empress. They will too face the same wrath and eradication as all loose ends do. And it will be me whom writes of your demise.”

- From the Lorekeeper, Jadie Priaa

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