“With the heretics annihilated and the Zakuul war coming to a close, the Empire returned into a state of silence. However, resources were spent in dealing with the Arcann and Vaylin, the Empire now became desperate to seize every last valuable resource they could get within the borders of our galaxy. This task was not easy, and the war was hard for everyone within the Empire. Dromund Kaas was the first to be rebuilt on the order of Empress Acina. Order  also returned to the House Horuset as a whole, and many events had transpired.”


“The power of both Vipions and the Horusets were coming together officially for the first time in an age. Ahandra Horuset, Lord Saud and her soon to be husband Yutal Vipion, Lord Tokiai were eventually wed together on the grounds of Korriban, with numerous attendees on display. The ritual was one of a kind, a kind that every Sith dreams to observe - The ritual of the Purest of Sith bloods. There I felt a sense of power merging together in physical form, there I felt more Sith than I had felt for many years. It was an absolute pleasure on my behalf to witness such a performance. Many gifts were presented and many knew fully well the extent of what this marriage could mean for our future generations, many chose to deny it - Many chose not to say it, but we all knew it was true.”

“The House itself became itself entirely, and a moment of breathing was apparent as we awaited patiently. Though, as we awaited many tensions grew - Yet, no-one is stupid enough to act upon their ambitions or aspirations. Instead, we all simply waited and waited and waited. Though due to an unexpected cause, the Dark Lord had silenced himself and ventured into unknown regions of the galaxy. Henceforth, the mantle was then placed on the leading heads of the Houses. Lord Tokiai, Lord Saud and Lord Korriz took it upon themselves given the Dark Lord’s blessing to rule over the house in his stead. An exceptional step for the newly wedded power-couple to display their leadership and utmost power first hand.”

“An example of this was the apparent conspiracy and plotting by a certain alien sect within the House itself. However, due to the constant observations and resourcefulness of the newly appointed leaders, the ambitious aliens and their schemes came to a swift and brutal end. One where the aliens of this great purest House will remember for future generations to come.”

“Many puzzles have come together, and many more are on the horizon. The personal eye of myself as Lorekeeper is to ensure that all is recorded within the history books of the Dark Lord - Darth Horuset and his great House as a whole. Allow my words to inspire those of his greatness, and bring fear to those whom wish to openly oppose his will. For, like all whom are loyal and fortunate to be humbled by his excellence, such as myself, will not hesitate to break you down.”

“Tradition always is misinterpreted, especially when it comes to us true Sith. We are on a thin line that borders chaos and the thriving reality of which is the Empire. Though it is in our duty as much as any other order within this vast and great Empire, to seize and destroy any whom openly defy the Empress and her Empire- who it is she whom rules over us all. It is she whom carries the burden of our direction, to guide us onto glory and prosperity within the foundations of this galaxy. Consider our path of redemption and of a proving nature.”


“Heretics… The word rolls off my tongue in such distaste, though with curiosity. I am not one to shy away from understanding others and their rules... Their laws and their ambitions. It is a natural trait. For such heretics to openly defy the Empress must take some real charisma. She does not stand alone against these heretics, and we have a point to prove. House Horuset was always destined to take up the mantle of eradicated these heathens in their entirety, and Darth Crannus Horuset was to lead them. It was always meant to be. Alas, such tales of conflict and triumph are beyond my nature. But I will watch in great comfort as the assets of the Empire are washed over in a war to be remembered. These heretics will awaken in a new world, one where they would watch utter defeat crushing down on them. They will be washed from their impurity, and then... They will die.”


“Though, these were my first thoughts as the war arose from nothing. War is a beautiful thing, if not considered one of my favourite subjects to dwell on. But it was our first and final steps that I will always remember. I was on-board of the ship as we faced off against the enemy forces, at first- I calculated the odds of our survival. But, to no surprise and our own surprise to the enemy, we had the upper hand. Thus, the removal of their leader, ‘Emperor’ Ullhalas, was almost instantly done by the hands of our Dark Lord, Darth Crannus Horuset whom organized this whole idea. Our banner was hung, and the Empire was with knowledge of this success. The war begins.”


“Many excursions were needed to ensure that our progress would go steadily. Numerous Imperial groups followed by a very peculiar Sith Lord were to clear up paths on which we may utilize. Though, the enemy also had such ideas in mind. Horuset allowed themselves to widen into deeper spaces, thus creating a small outpost on the regions of Yarrick IV. A strange idea for myself, but I am sure there were intentions concluding to this fact. But it was our undoing for this case… The heretics struck hard against our outpost, trapping numerous members of the Dark Lord's power base, including the likes of Lord Tokiai. A somewhat swift strike and movement by our enemy, but nothing of flawless proportions.”


“The order was swiftly dispatched to help defend our base and rid us of these heathens, but we were overwhelmed completely by the sheer force provided by the heretics on such an occasion. A lucky strategic ideology by the leading opposition, but again wasted. The defence was swift, but was never going to be successful. In the end, these heretics won a mild victory by number- but suffered dramatically in comparison to our own. The real defeat for House Horuset was the loss in this excursion of Lord Saud, and Lord Tokiai. Unfortunately, when removing the databanks of Yarrick IV, the Lords were swiftly apprehended and captured despite their valiant defense. Such things forced myself back to Dromund Kaas rather than Th’Asidra itself, for the safety of our knowledge of-course.”


“We both had time then to amend the wounds that we suffered, us quicker than the enemy as our losses were swiftly encountered. A brewing tension erupted within our power base as we again relied solely on the Dark Lord for guidance in such a situation. Due to his genius, we obtained both Lord Tokiai and Lord Saud back from the heretics, and our intention began a-new. We were to swiftly dispatch these heathens from a broken power-vacuum whilst it remained in place. There I witnessed more genius from our Dark Lord, as he provided us with a battle tactic to be remembered.”


“The rulers of the heretics were to be caught up in a diplomatic affair with Lord Tokiai, a distraction of-course for the true intention came swiftly afterwards. Darth Horuset organised that in synchronization to this diplomatic affair, that the Sith of our order landed directly at the front door of the heretic base. An orbital bombardment followed and then the swift end of the heretics as they watched their own defeat in a blink of an eye. My prediction was correct, it was always correct. I witnessed the sensational feeling of a heretic's passing in utter defeat, and the Horuset  witnessed the feeling of war coming to an end. An almost flawless victory in the name of Darth Horuset and our Empire.”


“Consider this a message to all other heretics that so wish to openly oppose our Empress. They will too face the same wrath and eradication as all loose ends do. And it will be me whom writes of your demise.”

“The Horuset tradition has always been. Since the beginning of our time, they have -always- been. Through the glory days of our first Empire, to ruling hundreds of star systems. Even in the scourge of the Jedi on their sacred home-world. They have always been. Thousands of years have passed since the very first breath of life was given into the traditionalist house of Horuset. Though, through troubling times it has become stagnant. Until of-course, Lord Saud.”


“Lord Saud, the daughter to the infamous Darth Crannus Horuset, the son of Darth Chaidus Horuset. A legacy well remembered. Even to this day. There was a proposal, a ‘reformation’ into it’s former glory. Darth Crannus Horuset tirelessly adapted into his rightful role of ruler of the Horuset banner. In mass, bringing forth potential candidates to reform the glory of the pure race of the Sith. The likes of House Vipion were also introduced into the fold. Even now they rise into further glory, enacting the very tradition of which was always meant to be, and has always been. The true Sith of our generation.”


“Even though the Horuset banner thrives in it’s glory, there is always more to do. House Horuset looks even now for potential followers of the old ways to take part in this reformation of our sacred traditions. Through the efforts of all whom have tasted the very presence of the Dark Lord, we hope to thrive. We aim to break the chains of mortal men, to bring forth glory and fame beyond the fabric of our existence. To appease the Lord Typhojem, to fight and die for them. This is what House Horuset is. A signal to all whom basks in our sacred traditions, a beacon of glory!”


“Even though I am an Echani… A Lorekeeper at that. I have seen the ways of these traditionalists. They have the very ideas of which I also share. They bring a sense of enlightenment into my fold. For I will too bask in the glory of the old ways. For who would not if given the chance? Through my most humble gaze, I see a potential future. A potential for the Sith and it’s Empire. Tradition is where it lies. We must refer to our former glory to better ourselves. I am a firm believer in Darth Crannus Horuset.”


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